Welcome to Brumy

We are committed to providing affordable, efficient and effective services to our clients globally without compromising quality.

Outstanding Services

We are very proficient in the installation, maintenance, and repair of General Electric (GE) modalities ranging from CT, MRI, and X-rays.

Great Performance

With expertise in both commercial and residential property management.


We always deliver beyond our customers expectations!

What We Do

Our healthcare business activities cut across sales, installations, repairs, maintenance etc. of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, CT scanner, X-Ray Machine, and Ultrasound System amongst others.



We sell various types of medical equipment, ranging CT Scanners, MRI Systems, X-Rays, etc


Installation & De-Installation

We handle installations of these equipment for you with ease.


Maintenance & Repairs

We also engage in service and repair.

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Spare Parts Management

We can source and manage your spare parts issues.